Bramshall & Loxley Parish Hall

The Village Hall is available for hire for events. Copies of the Rules and Regulations and a booking form may be found below. The Regular Events tab shows times when the Village Hall is pre-booked. For times outside of this please speak to the Booking Secretary for availability. 

Due to recent issues, bookings from outside the Parish will only be considered on a case by case basis

Important Links and Downloads

A copy of the Booking Form for the Parish Hall

A copy of the Rules and Regulations for the Parish Hall

Parish Hall Minutes

Find out more about the running of the Parish Hall from the minutes

Current Charges

  • Regular hires (weekly) £10/hr
  • Village bookings £12/hr 
  • Outside village bookings £17/hr - These will only be considered on a case by case basis
  • Evening functions:(5-6hrs) Villagers £80
  • Outside village £120
  • Circular Tables   £2-50 each (Six 4ft and six 5ft available) 
  • Table Cloths for circular tables £2-50 each including laundry
  • Consult the Booking Secretary for special rates. 01889- 569338 / 07940-326463 (Please call Early Evening). Alternatively for urgent enquiries please contact SallyAnne on 565228 

Please note Bookings are not Confirmed until the Booking form has been Submitted